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Project Management

Minister, Council, and Contractor at sod turning

Successful projects require stringent management of all aspects of the project, which usually extend way beyond the scope of the principal or subcontractor(s). At the same time, LEAN Project Management secures that projects move along at a pace which is “best for the client”.

To empower our clients to achieve the desired outcomes in “time and in budget” by defending both using methodologies of:

  • Client-side Project Management Office
  • Day to day delivery support – on the ground
  • Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Surveillance
  • Contractual support and responses
  • Grant funding specialist support
  • Business Transformation and Change Management

Lean Project Delivery

Delivering more value with less waste;

  • Identify and Eliminate Waste
  • Amplify Learning’s
  • Make Decisions at the Right Time
  • Rapid Delivery
  • Empower the Team
  • Build in Integrity

The UMINEX Lean Project Delivery (LPD) approach, which covers the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) and D&C project delivery phases, ensures effective risk allocation and efficient cost management. UMINEX ensures the specialist contractors maintain the technology risk, whilst minimising construction management overheads by competitively tendering the site infrastructure works packages to local contractors. The UMINEX LPD approach aims to maximise local content, deliver cost savings through competitive trade based procurement and retain project knowledge for the lifecycle of the development. Throughout the LPD process, UMINEX provides oversight and management thus ensuring an integrated solution, a coordinated delivery schedule and the avoidance of variations.

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