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Information Systems & Communication Technology

Telemetry Systems

Telemetry is an automated communications process by which measurements and other data are collected at remote or inaccessible points and transmitted to receiving equipment for monitoring.

As nearly all Plants, Equipment and Systems are driven and operated by microprocessors and software programs, SCADA type control systems are common throughout the industry.

To integrate different systems and ensure they are communicating and working seamlessly a strong Telemetry solution is needed.  Often, to achieve this outcome, existing systems need to be analysed and remain operational until a new solution is completely ready.

UMINEX specialists will ensure the analysis, design, selection, development, implementation, testing and handover.

Early Warning / Predictive Modelling Systems

Ageing Dam infrastructure can put downstream residents at risk. Smaller dams often respond to major rain events by fast and significant overtopping, which requires the SES to initiate evacuation at very short notice due to the lack of warning systems.

UMINEX has conceptualised and implemented an Early Warning System which includes predictive modelling based on the dam level data of previous events combined with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts.

The system provides 72 / 48 / 24 / 12 and 4-hour previews with high accuracy for the respective dam and catchment. Councils and Emergency Services are better informed, make better and more accurate decisions and can plan and execute their activities more effectively based on better information.

See Case Study Lake Endeavour Dam

A Unique Early Warning System


Security Card / Access Systems

The UMINEX team have over 20 years experience in developing and implementing security systems for clients in numerous industries.

The key to a successful Security system lies in identifying the real threats and risks and defining appropriate protection measures.

Numerous supplier companies offer a vast array of componentry, tools, and functionality – yet, they often rely on implementation partners that are either too large and not familiar enough with the client’s business environment – or – too small and inexperienced.

The UMINEX Team bridges this gap and reduces the client’s risk of getting oversold or entering into an R&D project.

Our Team consists of experienced Protection, Risk Management, IS&T and Industry Experts. With a multi-disciplined project team approach, we ensure that the right skill set is available for the right task at the right time of the project.

We are with our clients all the way – from hazard identification to long-term site security management.

As technology and system experts, we have been exposed to the majority of manufacturers, systems, and technologies. We can cut through the flood of information and marketing jargon used by suppliers. Based on the project scope and management plan, the system design leads to a best practice and affordable solution.

We support or manage procurement and ensure that our clients receive the best value for money, as we are independent of any system supplier and therefore unbiased.

Your success is our success.

We would be happy to discuss your specific needs in detail, please contact us