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Environmental Management

UMINEX provides environmental management services to projects from feasibility to close-out phases, navigating often complex multi-government legislation, regulations and guidelines.  For each project, UMINEX Environmental creates a body of information that forms a valuable resource for our client and provides the necessary level of detail to our client and the regulators for sound decision-making.

The projects we have worked on have benefited from the advice of our experienced consultants who have a thorough understanding of the relevant legislative requirements and, most importantly, an appreciation of the project imperatives.

Environmentally sensitive work areas need special attention

The services we provide are listed as follows:

Project Phase Activity Description
Planning   Approvals and permitting
  • Approval pathways
  • Regulator consultation
  • Approval applications
  Feasibility Study assistance
  • Development of the project description
  • Coordination of studies
  • Evaluation of environmental constraints
  Environmental Impact Assessment assistance
  • Coordination of technical studies
  • Chapter preparation
Implementation Environmental Management Plans
  • Preparation, review or implementation of plans
  • Ensure compliance with legislation and contractual obligations
  On-site Environmental Management
  • Environmental inspections
  • Monitoring
  Compliance monitoring
  • Verification of compliance in accordance with contractual and legislative obligations
Closure  Post-construction rehabilitation
  • Closure and decommissioning planning preparation
  • Rehabilitation strategy planning
  Closure and rehabilitation planning
  • Closure objectives
  • Post-closure land use objectives
  Closure criteria
  • Development of criteria based on ecological, social and regulatory constraints

Environmental Impact on Projects

UMINEX projects have benefited from our extensive experience in evaluating and managing environmental risk for water, infrastructure and resources projects.

Our environmental management experience ranges from small-scale industrial site assessments to approvals for large-scale rail and motorway projects.

The scope of work has invariably fallen into approvals and permitting; on-site environmental compliance; and when there is no life left to the project – decommissioning.

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